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What do we do?

In our production structure covering 3,000 sqm in Vaiano Cremasco (CR)
In contract work and outsourcing

Mechanical assemblies
of machines and automatic lines, or of their parts.

Pneumatic wiring.


Electrical wiring.

Production of electrical switchboards.


Quality control
on input materials as well as at every production stage.


Problem solving
resulting from non-conformities in design.


Mechanicals modifications
in the Equipments department (subject to customer consent) with its 2D/3D design implementation for project upgrade.

regarding all processes and in particular about non-conformities and any changes made.

The neatness, cleanliness and order found at the factory allow Deca Engineering to host, upon request, the final customer for testing and acceptance tests. We can also provide the packaging and dispatch of products directly from our headquarters to the final customer.


Manuals and documentation
We provide, upon request, a service of drafting instruction manuals and technical documentation according to the needs and specifications  of the customer.


On our customer's premises
Implementation of on-site work for the completion and/or integration into more complex systems.

of equipment and preparation for delivery.


On final customer's premises (around the world)
of machines and systems. Assistance and maintenance upon request or programmed.


How we do it

We follow the Quality Management procedures, pending their Certifications. This means checking that from the acceptance of the order until the completion of the finished product all the stages are carried out in accordance with customers specifications and in compliance with wuality and safety standards. This also means working with the perspective of continuous improvement.


DECA Engineering Srl | Via Olivetti, 76/78 - 26010 - Vaiano Cremasco (CR) - ITALY

VAT Number: 01506860194 - REA Number: CR - 0177597 - Telephone: +39 0373 277121
 | PEC: decaengineering@pec.it